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New Policy Job: Can you help people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)?

The UK’s first “Do-Tank” is recruiting for a Policy and Research Analyst with a special interest in education to support a new Dyslexia Commission in 2022, leading to an Education Commission in 2023.

For too long, political debate has been disconnected from local communities and become the monopoly of SW1A. Where is the voice for students, educators, civil society and those on the frontline?

Based in Smith Square in the heart of Westminster, Chamber is a new regional broadcaster connecting communities with political debate. Alongside the UK’s first consultancy to specialise in the implementation of public policy, Curia this role is an ideal opportunity to be involved in one of the most exciting areas of public policy – education and public policy reform for disadvantaged students.

If you are looking for a role that will redefine and disrupt the orthodoxy, then this is an ideal role for you.

In this role you will work directly with the Commissioners and Chief Executive to deliver an exciting new Dyslexia Commission. The Commission is chaired by a former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP. The applicant will also produce hybrid online/physical broadcasting events with leading political figures from across Westminster, Local Authorities and Regional Government.

Policy Job: The role

  • Undertake research and help shape recommendations for Commission Chairs
  • Help prepare materials for successful Commission meetings
  • Commission and produce episodes of Political Sandbox and Innovating Healthcare
  • Create unique content at events and in communications
  • Book and brief political panellists from a national and local level
  • Interview sectoral experts on a range of subjects
  • Promotion of events through engaging social media and social marketing campaigns
  • Select and invite community, charity and industry leaders and experts to speak across a range of events
  • Secure local, regional and national media coverage
  • Support speakers, maintain relationships and prepare them to present at events
  • Meet deadlines
  • Oversee event running, including speaker liaisons and relationship management

As growing companies, Chamber and Curia are looking for people who wish to grow the business.

We are looking for 

  • Great writers
  • Initiative takers
  • Problem-solvers
  • Team players
  • Network builders

Given the amount of digital activity, it is vital that applicants have experience of social media, campaigns, and attention to detail in respect of written communications.

You do not need to be a graduate to apply, we are committed to diversity and would value people from varying backgrounds to apply. As part of the application process, skills will need to be demonstrated and a writing test will be given.

How to Apply:

To apply for this role, please send a CV (max 2 pages) and Cover Letter (max 1 page) to info@chamberuk.com

For more information about this role, please contact info@chamberuk.com


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